How To Become An Android App developer in 30 days?

16 Dec

The market for the android app is very vast, which is increasing every day. If you are looking to have a career in mobile android app development, then this is the best time. It is not difficult to become an android app developer but 30 days is a challenge for you too. I would suggest you take an internship with an android app development company to get practical exposure. 

Adding to this here are some pointers that will help you become an android app developer in a fast track mode. 

Learn The Basic Tools For Application Development- The best part about android app development is that Android is open-source. It means the codes are free to use. Another advantage with Android is that you can do the application development on PC, MAC or even Linux. To start your development you need to first install Java SE. Next, install the Android SDK (Software Development Kit) from the android developers’ site. Now, get the Eclipse IDE for Java Developers and choose the version matching your OS. Again, get the Android Development Tools plugin, which eases the making of Android application with the Eclipse. Our experts are well versed in these tools, which help us provide the best android app development services to our clients. 

Brush Up On Your Java Programming- Along with C and C++ language, you must know Java. It is because android utilizes Java’s object-oriented programming model. You can go to any online tutorial to learn Java is you do not know it. It is not very difficult to learn but necessary. As the best android app development company in Dubai, we hire android app developers with good knowledge of Java programming.

Get To Know The Android Application Life cycle- There are differences in writing codes for web applications and writing codes for mobile applications. We are the best android app development company in UAE with a team that has work experience on web and mobile app developers alike. On the desktop application, the operating system manages other applications and their priorities. But, in the Android application, you have to code to handle the external events. Understanding of Android application life cycle helps you to code for the best experience for the users. 

Android API Are Also Important- While Java is used to write the Android application, the Android API is a must for hardware integration. These sets of commands help you to best use the features of the android device for your mobile application. 

Code Your Android Application- Once you have learned the basics it is time to put them to test. Choose your favorite topic and write the code for that android application. You may fail the first time but keep practicing to improve. 

Conclusion- Finally, when you have coded your first application test it with your friends and get the feedback. Go through the tutorials for android app development guidelines with learning Java in a better way. And, do not forget to enjoy it. 

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